Journaling Prompts :)

Hi there! Welcome ❤ I’m going to pretty much jump right in!

Okay, so hear me out. I honestly didn’t think that I was a journaling human, but I am a visual person…soooo I guess it makes sense! My mom (hi maaaaam) always encouraged me to write things down when I was going through various events throughout my life. I pretty much always rolled my eyes and moved along. I mean she didn’t know what I was going through…how could she…or so I thought. Mom’s always freaking know.

When I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada I had so freaking much on my heart and in my head that I *finally* listened to my mom and I reached for my notebook and pen.

And guess what?? I haven’t stopped. And now look at me…creating a blog LOL.

Here are a lists of some journaling prompts that I used to help soul search and explore different avenues that were causing me emotions:

  • Something that has really been on your heart. When I use this as my prompt, the discussion is often something I am not ready to talk about with my partner, is something you would talk to your girlfriends about but you aren’t sure, or even something that you want to really understand but find that it is difficult to reach for all of the pieces in your nog.
  • Something that is really important to you. Try to expand as much as you can.
  • What is my dream or ideal future hold. Our futures can be so incredibly daunting, but what’s great about a journal or notebook is you can kinda just throw everything and anything at the paper!
  • Name three times you have been the most proud of yourself. We, especially women, tend to downplay our wins. Challenge yourself and find a few things that make you really proud.
  • List three to five things that make you feel your most confident self. This is another difficult thing for us ladies.
  • Goals. If you are a visual person writing down your goals is game changing! Make some achievable goals for three months, six months, a year, etc.
  • Listing some of the top things you are grateful for. I mean, it is fall *SHRUG*

I now just write lists or long “entries” whenever it feels right. I sometimes reach for my notebook daily and sometimes I go over a week. I really try to listen to my head and my heart and do what I am truly needing.

Grab a cute notebook from Homegoods or Target and pick out a set of cute colored pens and give it a try. Like I have mentioned, this did not feel normal for me, but here I am!

You’ll have to let me know if you try journaling? Does it help you release like it helps me? Try it out, sis!

Until my next post,