Decorating for Fall

Hi all! In this post we are going to be talking about all of the decor I put out for fall! The house that moved to is much bigger than any other house that I lived in before, so most of what I have collected over the years are small little touches, but this yearContinue reading “Decorating for Fall”

Journaling Prompts :)

Hi there! Welcome ❤ I’m going to pretty much jump right in! Okay, so hear me out. I honestly didn’t think that I was a journaling human, but I am a visual person…soooo I guess it makes sense! My mom (hi maaaaam) always encouraged me to write things down when I was going through variousContinue reading “Journaling Prompts :)”

Closing the Kitchen

Welcome back to my blog, friends! In this post we are going to talk about my night time house routine. So here me out, although I am a creature of habit I feel like this is a solid idea for, like, errybody (que music notes). Waking up to a fresh clean house is allllmost asContinue reading “Closing the Kitchen”


Hey sis! Welcome back to me blog! Today we are going to be talking about all of my favorite podcasts! Do y’all like pods? I *LOVE* them! I am a huge audio / video person! You will have to let me know if you love any of these podcasts as well as if you preferContinue reading “Podcasts”