Decorating for Fall

Hi all!

In this post we are going to be talking about all of the decor I put out for fall! The house that moved to is much bigger than any other house that I lived in before, so most of what I have collected over the years are small little touches, but this year I have been able to grab a couple larger items.

When shopping for any season, I really try to ask myself, “can I use this for a couple years or am I wasting my moolah?” I really try to grab items to add to my collection that follow a few guidelines:

  • Does this item(s) add well to what I already have?
  • Do I have enough space in my storage box / storage unit to store away this item(s) for the off season?
  • Is it worth the money? Even something that is cheap, I really try to think if it is worth it!

Okay let’s start with our bar. We have an awesome built-in located in our formal dining room. We thought it would be an awesome space to have a bar, so we purchased a credenza to hold glassware, liquor, etc and use the built in as a place to showcase or decorate the room!

The first photo is an overview of that built-in I mentioned above and how I decorated for the season. My vibe is a lived in, neutral, cranberry, and blue color pallet, and strategically placed. This built-in really sets that tone! Let’s jump into the detail photos!

The second photo I added a pumpkin from this pack. I have this pack spread throughout the house. More bang for your buck when you find a collection or set of items and break them up all around!

Next up, I have a large Pumpkin Bourbon candle. This candle was the item that really spoke to me and set the tone for the whole house. I already have neutral and blue tones throughout the house, therefor bringing that color into the seasonal decorations allows for the home to really feel warm and strategic without trying hard! This candle is from Homegoods…this is where I pretty much get all of my candles these days! The gather sign is from the Target Dollar Section from a few years ago. Always check out that section any time that you are in Target. Although some of their shit is super cheap and not even worth the few bucks, sometimes you can find some really awesome finds!

In the next photo I have a cluster of some really inexpensive and fun pieces! The floral and tin piece is from Homegoods clearance a few years ago. There is another little pumpkin from that pack I got from Hobby Lob! The two wooden pumpkins I grabbed from the craft section of Target for $5 a piece! These would be so fun to paint to match your decor, but I loved the natural wood personally so I left it as is! The dark vase in the back is actually a really deep forest green color. I purchased the vase from Goodwill for $0.99 and did the TikTok paint and baking soda technique! I have a blog post coming soon about the vases I have DIY’d!

Next up, I have a little black vase from Michael’s Craft Store with a piece of a blue and green floral bunch in front of a cute little wooden sign I got from the Lob! I really love the contrast of the wood against the black vase!

In the next photo I just added a little pumpkin from the Target Dollar Section. I think the color of the pumpkin really brings out the tones of Bryan’s family heirloom.

Lastly, I added a cranberry colored candle from Hobby Lobby to sit next to the displayed whiskey. Again, I just really love how the colors bounce off of each other — really pleasant for the eye!

Next up! Here are the vibes of the formal dining room! Our house is kind of under construction (LOL), so I have not really added too much to this area of this house (YET).

In the first picture, I swapped out the decor under my entry table to match the season! This is such an easy area to change out every season as you can just change out the wall hanging and the vase and TADA! I got ahead of myself!! Like mentioned, I added a wall hanging from Hobby Lobby, a vase from the Target Dollar Section, and a fall themed floral bunch!

(Note:) Always keep an eye out for glass vases from the Target Dollar Section! They have them every couple of weeks and they are always $3-$5! Such a great price and always a solid size! If you can’t find a vase in the TDS, head to your nearest Goodwill! They always have the *best* glass vases fo cheap!

Next up is our tablescape! We finally got a table! We have been waiting to find some time to get to Bryan’s family house and grab their old table! It is the 80’s oak color right now, but we are going to paint it soon! So for this season, I grabbed a cream table cloth from Homegoods to cover the honey colored table! When searching for the perfect table cloth, I also found this super cute pumpkin table runner! HOW freaking cute!

Lastly, I found this adorable tiered cupcake stand that is shaped like a turkey! I LOVE this! For Thanksgiving, I will add some kind of baked good on the top tier and on the bottom, I added the rest of the pumpkin bunch I grabbed from the lob! I love all of the colors and textures that this adds to the room!

Here’s the decor from our living room! The vibe in this room is neutral tones! In the first photo is all of the fall stuff I have out for our mantle! I love how it’s just a few touches and not overboard in this room! Everything is from Homegoods! I am possibly interested in grabbed some flat pumpkins from Trader Joe’s for next to my fireplace! I think it could be cute to stack a couple on top of eachother!

The next two photos are the same pumpkin and pillow in our other built-in. The pumpkin is the $10 woven pumpkin from Target! They have some really awesome Fall decor right now if you have’t peaked yet! I really enjoy the depth and texture that this corner brings this corner of the house!

Here we have our two guest bathrooms! In the first photo is our upstairs guest bathroom! The tier basket is again from the Target Dollar Section! It was $5! That was it! I have some random small candles from Homesick, Target, and Hobby Lobby. I just added a velvet pumpkin from that same bunch that I keep referring back to!

The second and third photo are from our downstairs guest bathroom. I changed out sunflowers for a pumpkin and leaf pick from Michael’s Craft Store! Lastly, I changed out the room spray and the soap!

The last area in the house that is decorated for fall is the kitchen!

The first photo is our Nespresso! I think it’s always fun to throw a cute mug on the tray! I have a lot of the Rae Dunn collection, but I found a “M” and a “B” mug from Target for $5! These are like MY colors — cream and taupe-y browns! And for five bucks, you can’t beat it!

In the next five photos is the decor I found from Homegoods for above our cabinets! I love decorating this area for all the different seasons! I have a formula that works for my kitchen that I keep in mind when I am shopping for the season! I like to have five objects that make up of a larger object (the wheelbarrow), a round object or two (the white pumpkin and the turkey), a wall hanging with a fun saying or something super cliche, and something smaller to go above the coffee maker cabinets (the small wheelbarrow). This formula has worked for both Summer and Fall seasons, so I think I will keep it going to all of the seasons.

To note: All of these objects can also be used around my house! I made sure to follow those rules at the very top! This way when next Fall approaches and I find new or more items, I am able to shift things around with ease! I believe the turkey was the most expensive piece at $15.99!

I changed out the oven mitts and started my Fall/Winter hand towel rotation. All of my hand towels and these oven mitts are from Target.

MORE pumpkins! I love this pumpkin! I got this pumpkin from Target! It is such a great size and it was $5! I got it from the back corner where all of the Halloween stuff is found! I saw online that they also offer this pattern a couple different size options! So cute!!

Lastly, I thought I would share with you some of the candles I am loving! I have quite the collection of candles — I love them. Candles were something that we didn’t have growing up because my dad is unfortunetly allergic to a fragrance! Therefore naturally I gravitated towards all things scented the second I moved out! I have a whole dedicated part of my linen closet for waxes and candles! These candles have been such a joy! Prime Living and Natural Essentials you can find at Homegoods! They are three wick candles and range from $5.99-$7.99! Obsessed!

Well, if you made it this far congrats! I love all things home so this kind of shit is right up my alley! I hope some of you really enjoyed walking through my decorated home with me! If I missed something or you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Until my next post,