Favorite Nail trends for Fall

W E L C O M E | B A C K | D U D E

I thought I would pop in and share some of my favorite nail trends for the fall! I have been getting gel nail manicures for pretty much ten years straight. I have gone through {MANY} stages throughout my nail journey. I mean who would have thought some of those trends years ago were even trends!

First and foremost, I am a two nail design gal! I like it simple but fab…is that too much to friggin’ ask for????

Here are my favorite nails for the season! Don’t be shocked if you see me just get all these nails now through the end of the year! okay? okay!

What are you guys loving for fall? Are you loving something that I missed? LET a sis know!

I just recently got my nails done and did a variation of the last manicure posted above. Feels kind of retro to me + I freaking love it!

Until my next post,