Closing the Kitchen

Welcome back to my blog, friends! In this post we are going to talk about my night time house routine. So here me out, although I am a creature of habit I feel like this is a solid idea for, like, errybody (que music notes). Waking up to a fresh clean house is allllmost as good as your first cup of coffee! Also, if you don’t have kids, I feel like this (and many other habits) are really important to start implementing. This is like some real adult shit.

When Bryan and I moved into our lovely house I always felt like I was behind on cleaning. We made a pack that while he was starting his new job and I was “retired” for the time being that I would take care of the house. I pretty much spent my days cleaning shit, putting shit away, and making shit. I wanted things done a certain way, so instead of essentially following in Bry’s foot steps and re-do his doings around the house…I would start some solid habits and then slowly hand over some of the chores. I feel like that sounds worse than it actually was in real life LOL! The first two things that I “handed” off were dishes and outside work. Two things I just would rather now…youknowwhatimean?

Cleaning routine: Each night we pretty much complete the following. Not only does it feel good to close the kitchen, but boy does it make you feel good in the morning!

Post dinner, I like to put all the things away. All of the different ingredients I pulled out, throw away the trash, put the dishes in the sink, etc.

I love to light the candles at this point to start to change the smell of the house from dinner to cozy! I have a candle in the kitchen, living room, and our front dining room. I try to pair scents that all smell really yum together, but are all different! We like to throw on a show at this point as well <3.

Dishes. Like I said, Bryan does all of the dishes. He actually does them in the morning before I even wake up. He likes that he immediately can check a box on his daily to-do’s of the day. That being said, I like to put all of the little stuff away in the dishwasher…think drinking glasses, some of the plates used throughout the day that were used but aren’t like dirty dirty. I leave everything else right there soaking in the sink.

The dishwasher. Like I have mentioned many times, it’s just the two of us…we really only run the dishwasher every other night or every 3rd night. We are generally out of blender bottles or drinking glasses by that time! If it is dishwashing day, I will start it at this time.

Next up, wiping all of the surfaces. I take a couple minutes to wipe down all of the surfaces. I really really love the Method All – Purpose Cleaner in Honey Crisp Apple for a quick wipe down. This is just a cleaner, so I naturally have two other products I use all da time. Those include: Antibac Cleaner in Citron and Daily Granite Cleaner in Honey Crisp. I feel like those are self explanatory *shrug*. I use both whenever I feel like the counter need it.

Last up I do I quick sweep! When I clean the counters I pretty much throw everything on the floor. I then take the broom and just do a quick sweep of the whole kitchen.

That is pretty much how we close our kitchen every night.

As for the morning, Bryan will have completed the rest of the dishes and place them on the drying rack. I pour myself a cup of coffee and throw on a pod and put away the dishes. This includes putting away the dishwasher and the drying rack. I then put the drying rack away. We keep ours under the sink…mostly because we don’t have *all* of that counter space.

After I put the dishes away, I sprinkle my DIY Daily Sink Deodorizer. I love enjoying the rest of my morning smelling the citrusy scent coming from the bathroom.

DIY Daily Sink Deodorizer:

  • Mason jar
  • Baking Powder
  • Essential Oil: I enjoy the citrus scents all year around. For the month of November and December I do find myself reaching for warmer scented deodorizer such as cinnamon or nutmeg!

How to: In my small mason jar, which lasts me all week long, I use twenty drops of essential oils. The mason jar holds 1/2 cup! I sprinkle throughout the sink and let it sit for about a minute or two. I then use a sponge (I am weird and have a sponge just for cleaning) and scrub the deodorizer into the sink for a couple minutes. I wash the sink with hot AF water and TADA!

Note: I do save any citrus that is turning or that I didn’t use fast enough in the garbage disposal…but y’all already do that too right?!?!!

Until my next post,