Healthi(er) Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

It’s fucking FALL FAM!

I love love looooove fall time flavors and smells! The weather, the fashion, the foods and drinks, the pumpkin flavored errything, apple fields…I love it all! Yall I get to unpack my damn boots soon! Well I hope! It’s currently 109 outside today and almost September. (Insert: Spongebob running to work yelling “I’m readddddy”)

I think I have mastered my recipe! Let’s jump in!

I start with my coffee cup (I am an iced coffee queen…so I don’t know how this will taste in a warm..gag…cup oh joe)!

I add a small spoonfull of organic canned pumpkin puree into the bottom of the cup

Add a bit more Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Seasoning than you think that you need

Splish splash of creamer! I suggest adding the equivalent amount of creamer you like in your coffee in your cup!

MIX MIX! I use a personal milk frother! This thing mixes it up JUUUUUUST right! Froth Froth! (Note: Make sure that you rinse your frother right away because otherwise it gunks and dries inbetween the springs GAGGGG)

Add yo ice sister!

Add your favorite coffee! I have been loving for the Starbucks iced coffee for years and years and years at this point! Although find a plan b because that shit is loved by everyone and sometimes it seems hard to find sometimes. For instance, when I see it on the shelf…I buy 3!

Mix mix mix and sip sip sip!

What do you think about me sharing some of my favorite recipes or things that I am loving in this time? Kind of a weird concept bc I sorta suck in the kitchen department!

Until my next post,