Date Night Ideas

Hey sister! This post is all about date ideas, date night in and date night out! After this past year (plus) couples, including me, have had to get creative in the date night area!

Here are some of my fav date ideas:

Starting with date night in…

  • Ice cream bar + Movie night: Get all the ice cream fixin’s and rent that movie you have been keeping an eye on
  • Backyard picnic: Grab a watermelon, some seltzers or champagne, and some meat to BBQ. Throw a blanket on the grass or a tablecloth on the table, light a candle, and serve up on paper plates. No phones makes this date extra purposeful
  • Trying a new recipe: Although I feel like I am always cooking meals where I don’t know what the hell I am doing, ever, I think it is fun to cook a style that you don’t normally cook. For example, I feel like trying to make Chicken Chow Mein or homemade Raman would be a really fun date night idea!
  • Intentional question hour: I started this date night idea with Bryan when we moved here. I found a bunch of deep-ish questions on the interweb and we sit at the table and pick a question and both answer. Some of the questions include:
  • Game night: Pull out your favorite game or two, throw on some music, make a margarita, and laugh with your Bae!

Next up…Date night ideas outside of the house

  • Trying a new restaurant: Bry and I have weekly Date Nights, but once a month we try to splurge on a place that maybe has $$$ or $$$$!
  • Going to a sporting event! Especially moving to a new town, this is always a fun way to integrate into the community as well as just getting back into the swing of things!
  • Arts + Crafts: I think it is always fun to do some kind of art project with your love! There is a pottery place here in Vegas where you paint an object and then they cook it (???) and then you leave with a fun little piece! I think this will be so fun! Soap or candle making is always fun with your partner as well!
  • Staycation. Self explanatory BBY

I hope this gave you some ideas to do with you boo boo! There are still some things on this list that are must try’s for us as well! Gotta keep it interesting. (NOTE: I think it is important to not be worried if your partner will judge your date ideas — throw them out there, give it a sample…a Costco sample! See what works for y’all!)

Until my next post, XOXO