My Lash Lift + Tint Experience

YALL! Do any of you guys hate mascara??? I feel like it is such a staple in our society to have curled and painted eyelashes (and brows to match), I always have hated it. Even in high school I used to do my makeup (minus mascara), blow dry and straighten my hair, get dressed, and THEN swear under my breath while I put mascara on. Just me? I hate putting it on and I {hate} taking it off!

As the years went on, eyelash extensions became more and more popular, which look so so soooo good on all my friends…I just never thought that they were ever for me. I love wearing makeup, but I L<3VE not wearing makeup too! I think it is important to feel confident in both forms!

Anywho! A couple months ago I saw an influencer that I follow on socials post about getting her eyelashes tinted and lifted. I obsessed over the idea and did a ton of research. I talked to my mom about it for weeks before she was like, “are you going to do it…or just talk about it…!” I just knew that this was going to be my thing! I basically looked at every place in Reno that offered the service to see what was right for me!

I decided that The Lash Lounge was *my* place! I dove deeply into their lash artists, what they stood for as a company, and the fact that there was a Lounge in Las Vegas kinda just made it meant to be!

The lash lift is essentially perming your eyelashes in a C curl. The Lash Lounge offers a few different options for the C curl depending on how curled you want your eyelashes to be. The treatment lasts eight freaking weeks! SIGN ME UP!

Like I said, weeks went on before I found my big girl panties and made an appt. I ended up stalking their Reno location on Instagram and chose Jazmyn! Every lash girl seemed to do amazing work, but I wanted my first experience to be with someone that specialized in tints and that was just what Jazmyn did!

First and foremost, she was most excellent! She took her time and walked me through every single step that she did considering it was my first time ever having this treatment! She kept the conversation moving well and definitely put my nerves at ease as I was a little nervy having someone put chemicals so close to my eyeballs. I walked out of there feeeeeling myself!

Note: my lash line and eyelashes were a bit sore for a day or two as well as anytime my eyelashes got bent when I slept! When they were sensitive, I wet a spoolie and brushed through my lashes until they were all straight again. Once my lashes dried they felt normal again!

Cute, right??? I ended up getting the tightest C curl and black tint! I got this done six weeks ago and I swear my lashes are still super curled and tinted!

Would I get this done again? Hell yeah! I think I am going to make an appointment at the end of September or early October! I don’t see myself stopping any time in the near future!

I hope you have a happy day!