Home Products: Laundry Edition

HEY GIRL! This post is about all things laundry! This “home products” posts are going to be a series, so look out for all of the different editions!

So, I am a little bit of a Method Home Whore…I use pretty much as many Method products as possible (shrug)! Let’s start by talking about some of the reasons I choose to support this one brand so much, I mean there are seriously thousands of brands available at our fingertips, both clean brands and not-so-clean brands.

Method Home is a cruelty free brand. Although I don’t seek out cruelty free brands, I honestly love standing behind a brand that just so happens to not test on animals. They don’t deserve that!

Their bottles are anywhere from 25%-85% recycled materials. Not to mention, they sell majority of their products in bulk so that you can refill your bottles. Less plastic in da oceans and landfills! Win win!

Because they offer refills, if your pumps or spray nossles break, they will send a replacement! I have done this twice! I ordered Method products online from Grove and the pump stopped working soon after my delivery. I contacted their customer service and they sent me a replacement…and sent one quickly might I add.

All Method Home products are made right hur in America! I, again, don’t necessarily seek this in brands, but I love when I find out! I mostly love products that are manufactured in USA for the sole reason of the standards that America has on manufacturing. No babies making my hand soap or laundry detergent in this household!

Last but not least, Method Home has a policy and procedure against human trafficking. Click here and scroll to the bottom for more information!

Like I mentioned at the top of this post, I use a lot of Method Home products. I don’t think that these are end-all products, just what works for me + my lil fam!

Aight! Let’s talk about the products I use!

  • Laundry detergent: I am currently using their laundry pour in Fresh Air. I have previously used and loved Coconut and Cactus Water as well as Beach Sage! Their detergents aren’t overly scented to the point where they hold the scent for weeks and weeks! Hence the next product…
  • Scent Booster: We, or I, use the Downy Scent Booster Beads in the scent Fresh! For the best bang for your buck, check your local Costco for the jumbo size! Although the bottle is obnoxious, it is like $5 more for like 2 ish times more! WORTH IT
  • Dryer sheets: I have used pretttttty much every single scent they offer. Right now I have both Beach Sage and Ginger Mango stock piled. If I was to choose my favs, I would have to say Beach Sage or Fresh Air!
  • Whites Laundry Booster: I really enjoy how white our whites are when we use this booster! I am probably only a third of the way through my first bottle of this booster, and I really enjoy how it is a unscented powder…magic unscented powder!
  • Wool Dryer Balls: I have been using dryer balls for five-ish years! I probably have ten-fifteen at this point! These balls (LOL) promote an even dry for larger loads! They basically create a weight to bang your shit around in the dryer so shit can dry even! WIN WIN WIN again! Also, if you are into essential oils, you can add a few drops to your dryer balls instead of “deadly” dryer sheets!
  • Laundry Mesh Bags: I use these bad boys for a lot of things! LOL! Bras, chonies, socks, microfiber cleaning clothes, reusable cotton rounds, etc!
  • Washing Machine Cleaner: You know that oder your washing machine can get, especially in the summer time, that just really doesn’t make you want to continue doing laundry? Here’s a solution sister friend! I love how easy this product is to use! Every week or two I do a deep cleaning using this product, and just maintain between every wash!

See you in my next post!